Packaging and accessories

Beautifully presented dessert of the highest quality will help you significantly increase the sales and gain a lot of regular customers.

Sweet wafer cone

Manufactured by Ukrainian company Baker. The product of high quality, that will satisfy your needs.

Ice-cream spoons

We offer very convenient and reliable one-time use spoons, of two sizes, which never get broken and will not spoil your appetite.

Italian paper cups

They are made of the best quality paper and we have the best models to serve ice-cream and frozen yogurt.

Plastic containers for ice-cream storage

We would like to offer plastic containers in different sizes.


Among our goods you can find wide range of instruments and accessories, that significantly ease the process of manufacture and the sale of your products.


We cooperate with the best Polish, Ukrainian and Italian manufacturers, we are motivated by the principles of the highest quality, best service and the most modern technologies