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To serve desserts

Not only the taste, but also how to serve is important for your product. Beautifully presented dessert of the highest quality will help you significantly increase the sales and gain a lot of regular customers, which has been repeatedly proven to our customer around Ukraine. So let's get acquainted with the products that won the best reputation among ice-cream serving in our country:




Sugary Wafer Cone
This product is perfect from the technological point of view, it doesn't leak at the bottom, it doesn't get soft, it doesn't get damaged while transporting. These wafer cones have got delicious flavor.

height mm cone weight gr items\box
125 23 11 784
130 27 12,5 576
130 35 12,1 420
150 35 16,7 288
160 27 20 325










Italian paper cups
They are made of the best quality paper and we have the best models to serve ice-cream and frozen yogurt. And only in our company you have an unique opportunity to get personal print and order from10 thousands units of any product.

Model Volume
108с 120ml
10mg 160ml
20c 200ml
G4 230ml
M3 280ml
MD4 360ml









Ice-cream spoons
We offer very convenient and reliable one-time use spoons, of two sizes, which never get broken and will not spoil your appetite:

Model Length
Medac 9,8cм
Medac 13см









  • 0001.jpg
  • 0002.jpg
  • 10.jpg



Plastic container for ice-cream storage

Plastic containers u/box Size:l/w/h
Container AKS 3005 100 34,5x16,5x10,3
Lid to container AKS 3005 200 29,5x16,5x4
T99G Plastic container T99G 120 35x25x8
T62 Plastic lid to container T99G 150 29,5x24,5x10
T59 Plastic lid to container T99G 150 29,5х24,5x7












Among our goods you can find wide range of instruments and accessories, that significantly ease the process of manufacture and the sale of your products. We offer:



High quality scoops for ice-cream serving;
wafer-cones stands with modern design;
plastic container for ice-cream storage in the showcase;
Tools for preparation of confectionery products;






...and many others...


We will gladly help you to find those products that will be the most suited to meet your goals and objectives. Feel free to call us!

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